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Dr. Yervant Zorian is a pioneering engineer and technology leader renowned for his contributions to the fields of electronic design automation and test technologies. With a distinguished career that spans academia and industry, Dr. Zorian has made significant contributions to the development and implementation of innovative testing techniques for complex integrated circuits. As a prolific author and inventor, he has contributed to numerous publications and patents in the field. Dr. Zorian has also served in various leadership roles within professional organizations, furthering the advancement of technology and knowledge in his areas of expertise.


Dr. Yervant Zorian is a recipient of numerous awards.


Dr. Yervant Zorian has authored four books, published over 350 refereed papers and received numerous best paper awards.

Membership & other roles

Dr. Yervant Zorian is a recipient of numerous awards.


Dr. Yervant Zorian holds more than 40 US patents.

“Engineering is not just about solving problems;
it’s about creating solutions that improve lives and shape the future.”

Yervant Zorian