Achievements & Recognition


Dr. Yervant Zorian has authored four books, published over 350 refereed papers and received numerous best paper awards.


Dr. Yervant Zorian holds more than 40 US patents.


Dr. Yervant Zorian is a recipient of numerous awards.

  • A Fellow of the IEEE since 1999
  • 2000 recipient of the IEEE Distinguished Services Award for outstanding leadership of TTTC including General Chair, Activities Group Chair, and Editor-in-Chief for Design and Test Magazine
  • 2005 recipient of the IEEE Circuits and Systems Society Industrial Pioneer Award for his contributions to design for test technology through Built-In Self-Test solutions and design tools that dramatically boosted the quality and reliability of digital systems and the efficiency of design and test engineers
  • 2006 recipient of the IEEE Hans Karlsson Standards Award for outstanding leadership, communications, and achievement with the IEEE Testability Method for Embedded Core-based ICs standard (IEEE Std. 1500tm-2005)
  • IEEE Distinguished Services Award for leading the TTTC
  • IEEE Meritorious Award for outstanding contributions to EDA
  • 2013 recipient of the Republic of Armenia’s National Medal of Science for his research on “Test Solutions for Nanoscale Systems-on-Chip: Algorithms, Methods and Test Infrastructure”.
  • 2022 IEEE TTTC Lifetime Contribution Award.

Membership and other Roles

Dr. Yervant Zorian is:

  • A foreign member of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Armenia
  • A member of the Board of Trustees of the American University of Armenia
  • A Member of the Central Board of the Armenian General Benevolent Union (AGBU)
  • A Member of Selection Panel of the Global IT Award for Outstanding Contribution to Humanity Through IT
  • The President of the AGBU Silicon Valley Branch
  • The Founding President of the Armenian Virtual College (AVC)
  • The Chairman of the ArmTech Congress Program Committee
  • Adhering to the Zorians’ family traditions and values, he continuously works on programs aimed at preservation of the Armenian identity. He is a member of initiative groups or the author of a number of new programs of pan-Armenian significance, including HyeConnect, Armenian Virtual Bridge, AVC Learning Zone, etc.