What can we learn from the microchips that we create? | Yervant Zorian | TEDxYerevan

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Yervant Zorian is a huge believer that discoveries in science can be leveraged into learnings that will lead our renaissance as humans and as a society. In this bright talk, Dr. Zorian shares his views on what we have to learn from the microchips that we’ve created ourselves, and how we can use it to our absolute advantage.

Dr. Zorian is a Chief Architect and Fellow at Synopsys, as well as President of Synopsys Armenia. Formerly, he was VP and Chief Scientist of Virage Logic, a Distinguished Member of Technical Staff AT&T Bell Laboratories. He’s currently the President of IEEE Test Technology Technical Council, holds 45 US patents, has authored five books, published over 400 refereed papers and received numerous best paper awards. Was the 2005 recipient of the Industrial Pioneer Award for his contribution to BIST, the 2006 recipient of the IEEE Hans Karlsson Award for diplomacy. Received the IEEE Distinguished Services Award for leading the TTTC, the IEEE Meritorious Award for outstanding contributions to EDA, the Republic of Armenia’s National Medal of Science in 2014. Dr. Zorian is a member of AGBU Central Board of Directors, the Founding President of AGBU Armenian Virtual College (AVC), Trustee of the American University of Armenia, and Chairman of the AGBU Silicon Valley. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community.